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A Must Read For Space 1889 Fans!

The Forever Engine Baen books just released Frank Chadwick's The Forever Engine, a must-read for Space 1889 fans. A soldier from our near future is accidentally sent back to Chadwick's Space 1889 alternate history. Chadwick's updating of the setting alone would make it required reading for Space 1889 fans, but the book itself makes a great action adventure read.

Madagascar: Land of the Man Eating Tree

Madagascar: Land of the Man-Eating Tree by Chase Osborn presents the facts, myths, and legends of Madagascar as viewed by a former governor of Michigan. Learn about cultures and creatures, pirates and castaways, and the interesting scientific and political beliefs of a highly educated and well traveled author of the 1920s.

Originally published in 1924, this unabridged edition retains every word of the first printing in reset text, along with all the original maps and photos.

Madagascar: Land of the Man-Eating Tree is now available in PDF from,, and

Enjoy our free PDF sampler of Madagascar: Land of the Man-Eating Tree.

Space 1889 & Beyond

New Space 1889 fiction is now available from Untreed Reads. Frank Chadwick will contribute volume #5, A Prince Of Mars. See Andy Frankham-Allen's blog for more info about the first volume along with a free sample!

Frank Chadwick's Space 1889 Blog

For all the latest updates on new Space 1889 developments, see Frank Chadwick's Space 1889 Blog! Cossack Girl Cover

Cossack Girl!

Marina Yurlova served in uniform as a fighting Cossack, volunteering in 1914 at the age of 14. Though repeatedly wounded in combat, she returned to military service and repeatedly won the St. George's Cross for bravery. Through the war and revolution, Marina encountered Turks, Kurds and Reds, drove cars and trucks, fought for the Czech Legion, trekked overland across Siberia, and finally boarded a ship at Vladivostok to travel to Japan in 1919. Remarkably, whenever asked, Marina never denied she was a girl.

She distills these five years of her life into a captivating narrative, filled with observations and impressions of places and people Marina encountered in her extensive travels through Russia.

Originally published in 1934 and out of print for decades, Cossack Girl is now available in print from,, and other online booksellers, in PDF from,, and, and in eBook format from and (soon) the Apple iBookstore.

Enjoy our free PDF sampler, which includes the first chapter of Cossack Girl.

Free! Introduction To Space: 1889

Now available as a free PDF, the Introduction to Space: 1889 is a 16 page booklet originally found in the Sky Galleons of Mars boxed game. Download it from Drive Thru RPG or e23.

Free! The Original GDW Canal Priests of Mars!

As a teaser for The Complete Canal Priests of Mars, we're making GDW's original version of Canal Priests of Mars free from Drive Thru RPG and e23! If you like it, please consider the Heliograph version, which restores a third of the original manuscript and contains all new art and graphics!

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