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The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars is now available!

The original publication of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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TRMGS Volume Three

TRMGS Volume Three showcases the articles from the first year of TRMGS Online, and is available now! See our Buy It page for more information!

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Table of Contents For TRMGS Volume Three

2 January 2000 Journey To Shastapsh: An Adventure for Space: 1889 by John Gannon
Recruited in a secret mission to the former British protectorate of Shastapsh, the adventurers must recover or destroy secret documents hidden in the former British Residency.

26 December 1999 The Friendly Dickens: Being a Good-Natured Guide to the Art and Adventures of the Man Who Invented Scrooge by Norrie Epstein, Reviewed by Mark Clark
Mark reviews a book that attempts (and succeeds) at making Dickens more accessible to modern audiences, and discusses how Dickens can enliven your Victorian campaign.

19 December 1999 From Pyramid Online comes Nautilus But Nice by John Nowak, a detailed article on Jules Verne's Captain Nemo and the Nautilus with plenty of useful information for any game system and stats for GURPS.

12 December 1999 From Challenge #39, Ether Ship Etiquette by Greg Novak. An excellent article on the etiquette system developed for travel on the steam-powered interplanetary ether flyers in Space: 1889.

6 December 1999 The Martian City of Fadath by Ni Ke Hsin details a Martian city largely free of colonial influence, and includes a painting of the city by Kandinsky.

24 November 1999 Red Sun Rising: The Japanese Enclave on Mars in Space: 1889 by John Gannon
A detailed article on the Japanese on Mars, including the mystery of Unebi Station.

21 November 1999 The Biology of Liftwood by Marcus Rowland
More detail what keeps those cloudships and gunboats afloat in Space: 1889. Originally printed in Challenge #42.

14 November 1999 In Search of Blandings: A Review And Discusson Of The Pelican Club by Raymond Charles Parks
The eccentric material from P. G. Wodehouse's books were based in fact, as revealed in this review of a book on one of the odder Victorian Men's Clubs.

7 November 1999 "Thin Red Line of 'eroes..." British Military Decorations in the Victorian Age by John Gannon
A survey of historical decorations, as well as some new ones for your colonial RPG campaign.

31 October 1999 Taking A Bite Out Of History: Roleplaying With The Historical Dracula by J. Ruth Dempsey
The gamer who wishes to leave cliche behind and use a page or two of history will find himself with a dilemma: which Dracula? Prince Vlad IV of the tiny country of Wallachia (which includes the province of Transylvania) was a Knight of the Order of the Dragon, in the Romanian Dracul. This gave all his sons and his grandsons the right to style themselves as "the son of the Dragon" or Dracula. Vlad IV had no less than five, possibly six sons; four of whom made a mark in history and carried the name of Dracula -- each in his own way adding to the legend of the dark prince in "The Land Beyond the Forest". A generic RPG article for any system.

24 October 1999 The Cults of Deimos and Phobos by Samuel Noyce
An excellent article on two strangely intertwined Cults that focus on the Moons of Mars for Space: 1889.

18 October 1999 The Colonial Police Force: British Law Enforcement on Mars in Space: 1889 by John Gannon
The Colonial Police Force, or CPF, is the creation of The Honourable William Winston Arundel, the first Colonial Secretary for Mars. Established in 1880, the CPF is empowered by the Colonial Administration to enforce law and order within the cities of the Martian Crown Colony. An article for Space: 1889.

11 October 1999 The Colonial Building Authority On Mars by John Gannon
After the British conquered cities on Mars, they were appalled to find that the cities were largely deserted! With typical British efficiency, they attempted to find the owners of the abandonded property, and when none turned up, they became "Crown Lands" to be administered by the Colonial Building Authority. An article for Space: 1889 and other colonial gaming.

4 October 1999 The Colonial Civil Service On Mars: An Overview of an Empire at Work by John Gannon
In 1889, the hand of Queen Victoria stretches not only across the Earth, but throughout the Inner Worlds of our Solar System as well. In all corners of the sprawling British Empire groups of dedicated men of the Colonial Office, known sarcastically as "Victoria's Sons", work to ensure the smooth rule of each domain and that commerce and wealth continue to flow uninterrupted. This is the story of their work and organization on Mars.

27 September 1999 Idaeus Fons: The French Tricolor Over Mars by Michael Sangemino
Zoot Alors! A guide to the seat of French power on Mars for Space: 1889!

20 September 1999 Queen Victoria and the Zeppelin Pirates by James Cambias
On a dark and stormy night, a young woman seeking shelter claims she's Queen Victoria. An excellent Victorian RPG Adventure that can be easily adapted to any Victorian setting.

13 September 1999 Syrtis Star
All The News That Fits! This first new Syrtis Star in five years!

6 September 1999 The Assault on Melas Thirytis, A Soldier's Companion Senario by Paul Westermeyer
Help the noble Martians defend an unprovoked assault by those barbaric Belgians! Includes optional role playing notes.

30 August 1999 101 Uses for Liftwood by Mark Clark
Not all that liftwood lying around on Mars is going to be used for aerial ships, don't you think? Especially if imaginative player characters are anywhere to be found...

23 August 1999 Temple Covenant Jones and the Land Leviathan by Mark Clark
The wonder of the age! A steam-powered Martian Leviathan! Short fiction and Space: 1889 stats.

16 August 1999 The Exciting GenCon '99 Report by Matt Goodman!
Violence! Lines! The Pit Of Gaming! Plush Cthulhu! HUGE Sourcebooks! Bizarre Photos! And some information about RPGs!

9 August 1999 Ether Society Newsletter #9 by Mark Clark
The first new issue of the official Space: 1889 newsletter in several years!

9 August 1999 Fuelless Flyers by Marcus L. Rowland
Could new technology make the steam engine obsolete? In a scenario for Space: 1889 our reporter investigates some daring new concepts in flyer design.

2 August 1999 Apocalypse: 1889 by Clemens Meier
MacDunhill's Legion: Most of his troops were old cavalry who had traded in their horses for liftwood flyers, and went dashing around Mars looking for trouble. Fiction that'll give you tips on what kind of music to use in your Victorian Era Spacefaring Game.

26 July 1999 Mars: A Different Look at the Red Planet by James L. Cambias, Artwork and Maps by Bob Brown
James Cambias' Mars teems with ideas for using the Red Planet in any Victorian or Pulp Era game. Almost ten thousand words of tasty RPG source material, with nifty artwork by up and coming artist Bob Brown!

19 July 1999 What I Saw At Origins '99 by Matt Goodman
Cool new games! Pantsless Role Playing! Pirates! Live Action Killing! Chair Balancing MCs! What more could you ask for at a gaming convention? All this and some interesting pics can be found in Matt's Origins report!

12 July 1999 Colonel Blimp On Mars or An Introduction to the Game Space: 1889 By Mark Clark
TRMGS will continue to publish material for Space: 1889, and Mark gives a comprehensive review of the game for those of you who came in late.

12 July 1999 The Royal Martian Geographic Society's Guide to Space:1889 Products by Mark Clark
As a companion to Mark's article, a listing of all the material ever released for Space: 1889.

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