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Gaming The Royal Martian Constabulary

by David Hornung

The Royal Martian Constabulary was established by an act of Parliament to provide for the rule of law and to ensure the public order in the Martian Crown Colony. With headquarters in the residency at Syrtis Major (see TRMGS #3), the constabulary performs in a wide variety of roles all over British Mars. See TRMGS #5 for more details about this unit.

Given the nature of the RMC, it is natural to include it in a Martian miniatures campaign. Moreover, it can also be used to rescue player characters if they are in trouble. This article describes how to model the RMC for miniatures use.

Although the RMC has an authorized strength of 445 men, it is nowhere near this. Only 120 troopers serve at present. Most British Bobbies have no desire to go to Mars. Thus the posts are often undermanned and the Constabulary is always on the lookout for possible candidates. This has led to non-British citizens being enlisted. A number of former American lawmen have joined in the hopes of a little adventure.


Jacket: Dark Blue; short shell jacket is standard

Pants: Gray; Senior officers have a dark blue strip

Hat: White pith helmet with silver badge

Shoes: Black Leathers; Black Canteen and Haver Sack: White


Constable: None

Sergeant: Red Chevron on sleeve

Lieutenant: Blue Shoulder Tab

Captain: Yellow Shoulder Tab

Magistrate: Silver Shoulder Tab

Commissioner: Gold Shoulder Tab


Rifle: Martini-Henry breech loading carbine, 577 Snider

Shotgun: Single shot, breech loading (issued for riot control)

Pistols: Webley break-top .455 revolver

Bayonet: Sword-style

Note: The above listed equipment changes greatly away from headquarters. In the field the influence of American and Canadian recruits is felt. The bayonet is generally exchanged for a Bowie knife and the Webley for a Colt. Though the blue coat is universal, a wide brimmed western-style cowboy hat is often seen.

Naval Units

The RMC operates a small marine unit, consisting of 2 steam launches for patrol of the canals.

Crew: 10, C-H-E-E + 6

Weapons: 0.5" Gatling x2.

Uniforms: Same as the other troops.


Members of the RMC can be met in a variety of ways. Often a small patrol can be found escorting a caravan. Outposts of 3-5 RMC lead by a Sergeant serve all over British Mars.

Careers in the RMC


Riding (Gashant) 1, Medicine 1, Marksmanship (Rifle) 2, Brawling 1, Wilderness Travel 2


Drop: Marksmanship to 1

Add: Linguistics (Native Language) 1


Marksmanship (Pistol) 1, Riding (Gashant) 2, Linguistics (Native Language) 2, Fieldcraft 1, Leadership 1


Enlisted, Lieutenants and Captains: US infantry and dragoons from the Mexican-American War. For variety in the more remote areas you can use Confederate American Civil War. painted appropriately.

Senior Officers: Any British regular officer of the period.

Hear Ye!!! Hear Ye!!!

All gentlemen between the ages of 18 and 25 seeking adventure and an opportunity to enforce Her Majesty's laws should consider applying for a position with the Royal Martian Constabulary. Positions at all ranks are open for those candidates exhibiting the right qualities and qualifications required for the respective job and rank. Enquiries should be directed to the nearest Royal Martian Constabulary barracks, or care of the Superintendent for Recruitment, RMC, Syrtis Major, WC1 1AA. Pay starts at 1/6 per day for starting constables, rising to 2/3 per day for those possessing special talents and/or skills required by the force. Those desiring appointment to advanced positions should enquire directly with the Superintendent for Recruitment.

Posted Monday, 04-May-2009 19:50:33 EDT

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