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The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars is now available!

The original publication of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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Old news is still available on the News Page.

Queen Not Amused

London: The Royal Household has released a public statement concerning the publication of a disturbing article in the last issue of the Transactions of the Royal Martian Geographical Society. The Queen, well known to have a fondness for information concerning the British Colony on Mars, was reportedly scandalized by the printing of the now infamous Pushti Monkey articles. The Queen has personally ordered an inquiry into the printing standards of Martian newspapers and journals that bear royal patronage. A Tory backbencher, the Right Honorable Alfred Pennypott, has introduced a private members bill to investigate the RMGS and its publication for violating the various decency acts of the British Empire. Finally, the Queen has announced that the Duke of York will head a private inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the research, writing, and publication of the offending article. The Duke of York's private secretary, Sir Reginald Crompton Perry, will travel to Mars to conduct a series of interviews with the various parties involved in this unique scandal.

The editors of The Syrtis Star hope that this issue is resolved in the immediate future. Otherwise, steps will be taken to review our agreement allowing TRMGS to reprint leading stories without editorial comment.

Tossian Empire Opens Bids To Restore Thymiamata-Oxia Canal

Our correspondent in Thymiamata informs us that the Tossian government has announced its intention to clear the dead canal that links that city to Oxia. This announcement appears to be motivated by the growing tensions between the Tossian Empire and the Belgian colonial administration in the Coprates. The traditional trade routes between Tossian territory and the French protectorates in the Idaeus area (including Oxia) have become disrupted of late, largely due to the recent coup in the city of Baetis that installed a pro-Belgian faction. The constant rioting and civil war in Baetis has severely limited canal traffic, causing losses for Tossian and French merchants. The proposed canal restoration, which would directly link Tossian and French territory, promises to have a positive impact on trade.

In order to finance the restoration, the Tossian government has opened the project to bids from interested parties. In exchange for financing and supervising the construction, the winning bidder will be allowed to operate the canal and collect tolls. Several American and French groups have expressed interest, including one headed by Ferdinand de Lesseps, the well-known builder of the Suez canal. Since no comprehensive description of the canal exists, it is rumored that each group will send a survey team to produce a comprehensive map and survey to be used in their bid.

Lady Cathleen Acquitted!

In a scene charged with emotion, Lady Cathleen O'Donnahue was cleared of all charges in the death of her former husband, Mr. Timothy O'Ryan. Apparently strongly influenced by evidence presented by individuals who desire to remain anonymous, the jury took only two hours to return a verdict of Not-Guilty.

Lady Cathleen was joined by her brothers, Sir Donald Edmund O'Donnahue and Major Shaun Rory O'Donnahue (of Her Majesty's 3rd Mounted Colonial Brigade), after the trial. At a meeting with reporters, the three expressed gratification at the way the case was handles by Crown authorities, and Lady Cathleen read a communication from the Queen praising those who investigated the matter.

"This has been a harrowing experience for us all," Sir Donald told reporters as he held his sister, who has been weakened by her imprisonment during the course of the trial. "However, we feel stronger as a family, and it is now time to go on with our lives." Sir Donald then added with a smile, "My sister has to get back to Earth to prepare for her wedding."

It is widely rumored that Lady Cathleen plans to marry Sergeant-Major Bartholomew Miller, aide to her brother Shaun. Sources close to the family admit that Miller proposed to Lady Cathleen during the course of the trial, but will neither confirm or deny that the wedding Sir Donald referred to involves the Sergeant-Major.

In related news, it was announced today that Major O'Donnahue would undertake an extended expedition into the Western Desert in an effort to track down and apprehend the Martian bandit Altanoor Zahroon.

Can-Can in Crown Colony

Parhoon: Tonight is the grand opening of a new show, La Revue Francaise, at the Variety Theater here in Parhoon. The show is an export from a rather successful and long running series of shows held at Les Pigalles Café, in Idaeus Fons. La Revue Francaise is a unique variety show whose high point is the closing "can-can" dance which has so scandalized French café society. The show's organizer and producer, Monsieur Marat Thibodeau, has confirmed that the show is booked for at least two weeks in a major theater in each of the cities that make up the Crown Colony. The show will remain in Syrtis Major at the Theatre Royale for at least one month, and will then travel on to Parhoon and Gorovaan. The Company is offering reduced prices for all military men, in recognition of their gallant service in the present conflict. More information concerning this show or any others can be gotten from the box office.

Football League Comes To Mars!

Syrtis Major: Lord Charles Ecclesfield, chairman of the Syrtis Lapis Football League (SLFL) and owner of the Meepsoor Football Club (MFC), announced yesterday that the six teams of the newly created "Martian" League would be merged into the English Football League, creating a new third division in the current two-division league. The Martian Division teams will play one-third of their games against Earth teams, but the exact method of scheduling is still to be worked out. Preliminary reports have hinted that the teams will alternate travel between Earth and Mars, and that each team will "tour" their opponents in an extended series. The six teams of the Martian Division are the Meepsoor Football Club (MFC), the Parhoon Football Club (PFC), the Gorovaan Strikers, the Haat Spurs Football Club (HSFC), the Avenel Arsenal Club (AAC), and the Syrtis Major Football Club (SMFC). The first scheduled Third Division League game will be between the MFC and the AAC, at Tottenham Field, Meepsoor, on Saturday, at 3 PM.

National Gallery Opens Martian Wing

London: The recently completed extension of the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square has seen the installation of a new gallery encompassing art by Martians and Europeans on the Red Planet. Included in this new gallery are portraits by the noted artist Sir William Depford, sculpture by Lady Alexandra Cummings, RA, and work by the famed Rogowood carver, Balatar Bellottoko. This Gallery has seen record attendance since it opened two weeks ago, with nearly 2500 people crowding in to see the 75 paintings, sculptures, and objects d'art. The gallery's hours are 10-4 weekdays, 10:30 to 4:30 on Saturdays. The nearest tube and rail station is Charing Cross.

Posted Monday, 04-May-2009 19:51:00 EDT

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