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The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars is now available!

The original publication of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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Old news is still available on the News Page.

The Syrtis Star

"All the News That Fits"

Manning Missing

The well-known detective, Horace Manning, is missing after a mysterious explosion and fire at his residence at 22B Butcher Street, Syrtis Major, late last night. Police have searched the rubble but have found no signs of a body. Manning's manservant is also missing, though authorities believe that he was not at home when the explosion occurred. The police have asked anyone who was in the area last night to come forward and give evidence.

Inspector Morepenny of the RMC has stated publicly that there is no connection between the explosion and the rumors that have swept the city that Manning was the anonymous individual who provided the evidence that cleared Lady Cathleen O'Donnahue in her recent murder trial. "Manning himself denied those rumors categorically," Morepenny explained. "Those who knew him know how unlikely it is that he was the one responsible for saving Lady O'Donnahue." When asked later what he thought caused the explosion, Morepenny said that he understood that Manning had recently begun experimenting with the effect of strong ethereal rays on scones, and was known to keep a variety of experimental chemicals on hand for use in those experiments. "There are probably some things about scones man was not meant to know," Morepenny said with a smile on his face.

A formal coroners inquest will be held next Friday.

American Heiress Feared Kidnaped!

American Industrialist Donald E. O'Donahue II, Cousin of Sir Donald O'Donnahue, has come forward and offered a reward of one million dollars for information leading to the location and safe return of his daughter, Priscilla, who vanished one week ago while shop
ping with companions along "Ladies Row." Miss O'Donahue was said to have gone alone into an establishment offering ladies undergarments, promising to meet her companions at a nearby cafe for lunch within a few minutes. When she did not appear after a reasonable time, her companions went to search for her and discovered her missing. The authorities were quickly summoned, and upon questioning the staff of the shop revealed the Miss O'Donahue purchased two corsets and several pairs of stockings. She then departed, having spent no more than fifteen minutes in the store.

Given the stature of her father in American commerce, and the fact that several of his firms hold contracts for the production of military hardware, it is believed that the young woman was seized by persons desiring a large ransom or access to top secret weapons designs. The possibility that Miss O'Donahue disappeared for romantic reasons, to elope with a lover or escape her current engagement to Mr. William Milton of Berkshire, is widely discounted, since she was known to be very close to her fiance. Moreover, her family heartily approves of the match. Mr. Milton, when contacted at his London offices, expressed extreme concern over the fate of Priscilla, and he issued a plea to her captors for her safe return.

Venus Claims ve Herter

Instead of Christiaan ve Herter claiming a bit of Venus for the Netherlands, it appears that Venus has claimed ve Herter and the team of scientists and colonists who accompanied him. Recent reports from the city of Venusstadt have revealed that ve Herter's etherflyer, the Levaithion, is now over two months overdue. Although there have been no confirmed sightings of the ship since last February, it is widely believed that the Levaithion is somewhere in the central coastal lowland region, the site where the expedition had planned to land.

The Royal Dutch Academy of Science is hopeful that this intrepid group has survived, and the Dutch government is planning a rescue expedition. The Academy is seeking volunteers to join the expedition; a bonus of 300 Guilders per man will be paid to successful applicants. Interested parties are advised to contact the nearest Dutch consulate.

Belgians Find Temple

New Amsterdam: The Royal Belgian government reported today that an expedition led by Phillippe Sirois has discovered another temple complex deep in the marshes of the Coprates. In what appears to be a deliberate attempt by the Belgian government to steal some of the thunder from the recent confirmation of the claims of the late Dr. Jonathan Hollingsworth about the armilary sphere discovered by the Grenouille expedition last year, Sirois has claimed that his temple is filled with numerous ancient scientific gadgets that will advance Belgian science.

Phillippe Sirois may be better known to some of our readers as the "Butcher of the Coprates" for his violent tactics in removing Martians from the Belgian Gumme plantations. It is rumored that the recent expedition to the temple resulted in the death of several thousand natives. However, several respected independent observers who recently visited the site have said they found no evidence of any mass killings. Sirois was unavailable for comment.

Hollingsworth Proved Correct

Royal Observatory, Greenwich, England: Dr. Robert H. Lipton, head of the Solar System Telescopy Experiment at the Royal Observatory has reported that the findings of the late Dr. Johnathon Hollingsworth, RGS, have been only recently confirmed through the latest observations received from
the massive Space Telescope Project now in orbit around Mars. Our readers will remember that Dr. Hollingsworth, a member of the famous Grenouille Expedition of 1889, had presented a paper to the RGS based on his findings from an ancient map of the universe found in the temple complex near Tharsis. Though subject to a tremendous amount of skepticism and public ridicule, the findings of Dr. Hollingsworth could never be entirely discounted as a mere hoax.

Dr. Lipton, head of the 1888 Telescopy Experiment and one of the fiercest critics of Dr. Hollingsworth's conclusions, has admitted that he was wrong and is prepared to submit a paper on the subject to the Royal Astronomical Society and to offer co-contributor status to the estate of the late Dr. Hollingsworth. Though Dr. Lipton would not speculate until more data has been accumulated, he did inform this reporter that Dr. Hollingsworth's boldest assertion, that the ancient Martians once possessed the ability to travel between planets and perhaps the stars, may eventually be proved correct.


Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Sergeant Arthur L. Corkran, late of the Khye-Kheen Hills, please contact Mr. Rudyard Kipling, 43 Villiers Street, the Strand, London.

All persons wishing to contact the Baron Towster should be advised that his lordship has embarked on an extended journey around Mars. Messages may be left for him at the offices of the Drone's Club, Syrtis Major. Creditors are requested to contact his solicitor, James Ashton, 37 Empire Way, London.

Dr. Peakefellow's Pure Vegetable Lotion

At last, relief for those suffering from Martian Saddle Itch! Peakefellow's Tonic has long been known for its effectiveness in dealing with this troublesome complaint. Now that he has reformulated his tonic in a more convenient lotion form, Dr. Peakefellow asks the public "Why endure discomfort when you can buy Peakefellow's Pure Vegetable Lotion instead?"

So Smooth, So Soft, So Refreshing!

Posted Monday, 04-May-2009 19:51:00 EDT

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