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The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars is now available!

The original publication of Canal Priests Of Mars cut slightly over a third of author Marcus L. Rowland's manuscript to fit GDW's adventure format. The Complete Canal Priests Of Mars restores the cut material, features all new artwork by Paul Daly, and adds many useful player handouts. Enjoy the "author's cut" of a classic Space 1889 adventure, or experience it for the first time!

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TRMGS Volume Two

TRMGS Volume Two has more Space: 1889 material than you can shake a Pushti Fruit at (shaking Pushti Fruit not advised). See our Buy It! page for information on purchasing a print copy. We'll be adding links from the Table of Contents below to sample articles over time. If you click on the cover pic, you'll download a larger version (142kb). TRMGS 2 Cover Small

Table of Contents For TRMGS Volume Two

Editorial for Issue Five by Mark Clark 1
A Letter From London by Matthew Ruane 2
Martian Religions by James L. Cambias 3
The Syrtis Star 8
The Transactions Campaign: Rescue at Bordobaar by Mark Clark 10
To Preserve Peace, Tranquility, and Prosperity: The Story of the Royal Martian Constabulary by Matt Ruane 17
Cloud Captains Corner by Ross Anderson 20
Mohawk-class Gunboat 20
Field Report Concerning: Russian Construction of Ether Battleships 21
Aerial Yacht: The Bolide 22
Steam Recirculators by Steve Whitmore 23
The Cloud and Canal Yards of Avenel by Thomas Gray 25
Edward’s Guide To Syrtis Major: Places of Renown in the European Quarter by Steve Whitmore 29
Captain Cuthbert "Bwana" Biggar Explorer, Hunter, And Pilot: "The Great White Menace" by Matthew Ruane 33
The Ecology of the Pushti Fruit by Neville Smalls (As Told To Ken Megill) 36
The Use Of 15mm Figures In Space: 1889 by David Hornung 38
A Bit of History: Strongmen in the 19th Century by Jeff Boyle 40
Official Report Of The Recapture Of The Canal Defense Position At Wagner’s Trading Post On The Shastapsh Frontier by John T. Bailey 42
A Eyewitness Report of the Battle of Gideon Wells by R. H. Cartwright as told to Brian Kendall 45
Rifles to the Cloud Princes: An Adventure Seed for Space: 1889 by Terry Sofian 50
Ether Society News Number 5 by Mark Clark 52
Issue 5 Editor’s Notes by Mark Clark 53
Editorial for Issue Six by Mark Clark 55
Her Majesty’s Ether Dispatch Service by Colin Nash 57
The Transactions Campaign: The City of Madness and Deathª by Mark Clark 60
The Martian Canal Shark by Vince Cleaver 66
Player Characters for the Transactions Campaign 68
The Syrtis Star 70
Pushti Fruit Update 72
Excerpt from Dr. Alan Arthur Havelly’s An Introduction to Martian Fauna and Botany 73
A Humble Apology 74
Gaming The Royal Martian Constabulary by David Hornung 75
’Tisn’t Just Virtue That Protects A Lady! Arming the Adventuress by J. Ruth Dempsey 77
The Martian Magnetic Field by Allan E. Johnson 80
Cloud Captains Corner: Ether Observers by Steve Whitmore 82
The Nature of the Beast: Venusian Swampcats by Donald E. Brynelsen 84
Edward’s Guide to Syrtis Major: Shops of the English Quarter by Jon Bahls 89
Plebeians and Personages: Sir William R. Mellville by Baxter Cloham as told to Brian Kendall 91
Steampunk 1920: United States Army Aviation by Terry Sofian 95
An American Expedition To Venus by David A. Hornung 98
A Bit of History: Dr. Othniel C. Marsh by David A. Hornung 100
The French Foreign Legion on Mars by R. H. Cartwright as told to Brian Kendall 101
Sky Galleons of . . . Venus?! Dirigible Battles Using the Sky Galleons of Mars Rules by James L. Cambias 103
Letters to the Editor 107
Ether Society News #6 by Mark Clark 108
Issue 6 Editor’s Comments by Mark Clark 110
Editorial for Issue 7 by Mark Clark 112
Reader Poll Results by Mark Clark 112
The Syrtis Star 113
Tsarist Mars by Thomas C. Gray, Jr. 115
Raum: 1889 Germans in the Ether by Wade F. Smith 122
Tools of Ill-Omen by Thomas C. Gray Jr. 133
The British Honours System by Brian Mowbray 134
Further Notes On The British Honour System by Matthew Ruane 135
Martian Thunder Jugs by Terry Sofian 136
Theater of the Bizarre: Gatling Guns and Camels by Charles F. Hawkins 137
The New French Ether-Cruiser by James Cambias 139
Xavier Crumb and the Black Gang by Baxter Cloham as told to Brian Kendall 139
The Trap Door Springfield by Brian Kendall 142
Death From Above: Airborne Units for Steampunk 1920 by Terry Sofian 143
The Absent-Minded Inventor by Stanley A. Leghorn 150
Top Ten Space: 1889 Movies by Mark Clark and Matthew Ruane 152
The French On Mars by James L. Cambias 154
Letters to the Editor 160
Ether Society News #7 by Mark Clark 161
Issue 7 Comments by Mark Clark 163
Editorial for Issue 8 by Mark Clark 164
Clockwork Flyers by Terry Sofian 166
The Syrtis Star 170
Notes from the Transactions Campaign by Mark Clark 172
Game Tech Gunboats: A Review by Mark Clark 176
Trade Goods Of The Thetis Mountains by Peter Schutze 178
Dragon's Fire: An Adventure for Space: 1889 by Peter Schutze 180
Some Notes On The Ether: Clarifications and New Rules for Ether-Flyers by Jim Cambias 183
British East Africa by Grant Sinclair 187
Australian Armed Forces In Space: 1889 by Peter Schutze 200
Banking and Shares in 1889 by Peter Schutze 202
G'Day, Mate! Generating Australian Characters by Peter Schutze 204
Aereon Flyers: An Optional Ship Type for Sky Galleons of Mars by Terry Sofian 208
Interplanetary Trade And Communication by James Cambias 210
Those Demmed Females! Suffragettes on Mars by J. Ruth Dempsey 215
Letters to the Editor 218
Ether Society News #8 by Mark Clark 219
Issue 8 Commentsby Mark Clark 221

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